Lanterns in Darling Harbour


Steps to Light


Avalon Beach

Summer is around the corner and Australians are heading to the beach again. University students like myself and my friends are unwinding as the semester draws to a close and as part of that unwinding, we recently made a trip to Avalon Beach, just up near Palm Beach in NSW.

The waves were impressive and the water was wonderfully deep, just the way I like it. It was all in all, an excellent day. And I was very pleased to have remembered my camera this time.

Clock Face


She faced the sheer surface of the clock, its Roman numerals just shadowy silhouettes against the pale, creamy light. She noted the silken cobwebs strewn across the curves and edges, and the dark gaps between the gnarled wooden boards. It was time. She took a step towards the clock.

Another trip, another adventure!



I’m off traveling again, but this time, I’m flying alone. I cannot express how much I am looking forward to this UK trip.