The Atlantis Explorer

Taken at Red Leaf Beach in Sydney

Taken at Red Leaf Beach in Sydney

I came up with the name Atlantis Explorer months ago when I decided to try my hand at science fiction. Unfortunately, that work has still not come to a solid conclusion. But I am glad that the name I gave to the space ship which carried my hero to an unknown world lives on through the title of this blog. Like the Atlantis Explorer of my unfinished sci-fi, this shall be a vehicle directing me into an unknown (and still not fully constructed) world.

The term ‘Atlantis’ has historic, literary and fantastical overtones that originate centuries back in time. It is a term which conveys the wonder, adventure and thrills of discovery – it speaks of unknown realms and fantasy worlds. Such escapism has always been the refuge of aspiring writers, readers and dreamers. I am hopeful that through this medium I shall hone my skills, rifle more innovatively through my imagination and motivate myself to achieve the goals I set for myself so long ago, when I first cracked open a novel and decided I liked the world I found in the written word.

To any who read my work, I am open to critique, opinions and advice so please feel free to leave comments below.

Until next time.


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