Rachel’s Dream Catcher

Rachel's dream catcher

Rachel’s dream catcher

At night, she dreamed of many things. She dreamt of spirits wandering through an unknown realm where animals and trees conversed freely and everything was confusing. She dreamt of nonsense.



Before we entered human shapes

We were bold and happy and free,

We wandered through both hemispheres

From land to sunny sea.


In such a world, it could have taken

An immeasurable time to fall

In such a world the tiniest mouse

Could be most large of all.


In such a land, we would be mute

While birds and creatures spoke,

And all around, coherent sounds

Would come from pines and oaks.


Before our nimble spirit selves,

Lay the spirit world,

From realms of fantasy and stars –

Dimensions all unfurled.


A little spirit of said realm

Was brought by fearsome winds

To a castle grey and tall

Where new life lay within.


It was a cold and dreary day

When blue feathers fell in storms,

A strong and gusty, blustery wind

Across the forest tore.


He carelessly, in his hurry

Ripped from their stems some leaves,

They yelled objections as they sank

But heard no answer from the breeze.


He came across a river and

Splashed across its surface,

He left white, frothing foam to billow –

He was driven in his purpose.


Higher and higher ground was sought

But it could not be found

Until he reached the very tip of the top

Of the tallest mountain around.


Up there, the mountain dressed in white

With tones of bluish grey,

Met with the lowest point of the sky

To bring spirits to new days.


A little child was born that day

In a castle standing tall,

Its stones were hard, its walls were grey

Her red mouth opened to bawl.


As a babe she remembered well the world

Of spirits and of sprites

But soon she came to be a child

Exciting in child delights.


Forgotten was that spirit realm

Which she had loved so well,

Farewell, farewell, oh mystic land

For on the past she would not dwell.



Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep.


Rachel’s eyes opened blearily. The red numbers glared in the darkness of the early morning. Her fingers scrambled for the snooze button. Silence resumed and the dream was gone. Above her head, the blue feathers of her dream catcher fluttered almost imperceptibly.



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