The video game

The boy saw the fluorescent sign and pushed open the doors. He was still in his school uniform. The woman at the counter saw him and gave him a smile.

“The usual?”

He nodded in return and paid the trivial fee. He then turned to push open the doors. The sight that greeted him felt like home.

Computers lined the room from wall to wall. He sat at a one, logged in with his provided password and he quickly opened his favourite game. A dragon immediately swooped across his screen – it was the enemy. His character was unusual for that of a young boy. He did not choose the large, muscular male character to be hero in the fight against dragons. Instead he had chosen a ferocious female warrior with red hair and mysterious black eyes. He could still remember the day that he had set up her character. He had disinterestedly scrolled through a conglomeration of elves, trolls, men, women, wizards and even odder creatures, but upon landing on Yasmin’s page, he had found himself immediately drawn to her. Her eyes had seemed almost alive, flickering with a deep, mysterious fire.


Yasmin wanted to scream. She was tired of fighting this war against the dragons. She hated having her every movement and motion controlled by The Player. She longed to break free of the logistical data which controlled her every move. She wanted to do something wild, something completely out of character. Something completely her own.

The boredom was almost crippling. She hated it. And right now she was bored. She rightly assumed that The Player was in a calm, less adventurous mood today. He was focusing on her inventory and cottage. Over the hours that followed, she made seven beef soups, five new armour outfits, added an alchemy room to her small cottage and bought a vase. She felt like screaming.

Yasmine struggled to raise her arm. But the data overpowered her. As it always did.


The boy finally logged off. As he headed home, he found himself feeling puzzled. He had always loved that enigmatic fire the resided in Yasmine’s dark eyes. But that day, they had been dull.


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