Garden Photography

These images constitute my first attempt at garden photography. I really enjoyed the experience, though I still sometimes find myself feeling a little subconscious about carrying my Nikon camera around with me everywhere. I’ve been experimenting with my editing skills as well, and so all of these images have been altered from their originals. For most of them, I upped the contrast and colour saturation, for some I added a subtle vignette and for others, I added the monochrome effect (as you can see). I tried to identify as many of the flowers and insects as I could using google, but I did miss a few. If any readers know about these I would be very grateful to find out what I have photographed, so please feel free to comment below.

I hope you enjoy the images!


[I’ve added links to some of the pictures to provide further information on the insects/flowers]



    1. Thank you! I liked your garden images also, especially the dewdrops one (I don’t know if you recall the one I’m talking about, but there were two colourful flowers and it was simply beautiful 🙂 )


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