A pigeons’ congregation on the steps of a Parisian Zoo


Some animals did not pay much heed

To the enclosures that were their homes,

But the leopard paced most restlessly

And the orangutan most listlessly,

Lay about in his abode.


The pigeons knew no such dilemma

As they strutted and pecked about,

They had a grand old congregation

And their freedom, they did flout.


Though what do I (naive tourist) know,

Non-scientist that I am,

Of the thought patterns of these animals

Like the leopard and orangutan?


Perhaps the leopard was amusing his crowd,

And the orangutan was tired from his day

Of entertaining, swinging and playing

And was merely indulging in a break.


In any case, of one thing I am sure

And that is that the pigeons had fun

Pecking and strutting and strutting and pecking

And enjoying the Parisian sun.






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