Roadtrip to the Westfjords


Breathtaking scenery by every metre of road


We kept our eyes on the right, hoping to see seals. And we did.


A yellow field of flowers near the small museum that is Litlibær Farm. (See my older post for more information:


The dog from Litlibær Farm

A roadtrip in Iceland equates to long roads, barely any traffic and fast driving. (Let’s just say that speed limits are more of a guideline for Icelandic locals). On the 27th of June this year, we set off for a roadtrip spanning across several hours and 457km. We started off in Reykjavik and before we knew it, we were well on our way to the Westfjords where we would be staying in an apartment in Bolungarvík (the northernmost village in the Westfjords, according the the official Westfjords Tourist Guide).

If you are on a road trip through Iceland, be prepared to see breathtaking scenery by every metre of the road you travel. Also expect to see countless waterfalls, mountains, fields, rivers and many, many sheep.




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