Creative works

Clock Face


She faced the sheer surface of the clock, its Roman numerals just shadowy silhouettes against the pale, creamy light. She noted the silken cobwebs strewn across the curves and edges, and the dark gaps between the gnarled wooden boards. It was time. She took a step towards the clock.


A pigeons’ congregation on the steps of a Parisian Zoo


Some animals did not pay much heed

To the enclosures that were their homes,

But the leopard paced most restlessly

And the orangutan most listlessly,

Lay about in his abode. (more…)

Up close with the seals at Reykjavik Zoo

The seals in the Reykjavik Family Zoo

Were a cheering sight to see,

As they swam, they swirled,

Flipped their fins as they twirled

And with their big eyes they looked up at me.

Glimpses of the Jardin des Plantes


Our Parisian day began

In the beautiful Jardin des Plantes,

The tourists milled,

The pigeons cooed,

It was a hot summer day in France.

The escalator ride

It was to him a terrifying and thunderous waterfall. There he stood, hanging on the precipice. The grey lines rolled in a continuous and steady motion; it would not wait for his fear. Two young construction workers in fluorescent orange vests stepped past him, strong and confident. It made him feels his years all the more and embarrassment overwhelmed him, prompting him to hunch his shoulders further. He was old and afraid of an escalator.

Behind him, a young girl stood, unsure of what to do. She could not walk by him as if he were not there, yet she was too afraid to approach. But the woman behind her was not afraid. She said to her husband, ‘I think that man needs help.’ She peered over at him again and gave a quick nod, as if affirming this in her mind. With confidence, she strode forward and reached out to him. (more…)

A short drama on grocery shopping with children

She had two boys and they were running wild. Behind the counter, the forced smile of the checkout chick faltered.

Harry yelled and pulled at his little brother’s sleeve. “Give it back, it’s mine, it’s mine!

Liam’s tenacious grip did not lesson, but he could not withstand Harry’s persistent force forever. With one final yank, the contentious toy landed in his arms.

Promptly, Liam started to cry. (more…)

The seagull and the bridge