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The Houses Have Faces

This art installation on Cockatoo Island was created by the Danish duo Randi & Katrine. They titled their anthropomorphic work ‘The Village’. It was pretty incredible to walk about little village, set amidst the disused machinery of bygone eras. The work made me think of the movie ‘Monster House’, which I loved watching when I was little, though I also thought it somewhat terrifying at the time.


Wentworth Falls December 2013

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The Turtles

The turtles’ names are Lucky and Turtley, names doubtlessly thought to be quite clever all those years ago when their owners were children. Lucky was found by their┬ádog. They named him Lucky because they thought it rather lucky that he was not eaten. Turtley…well, that name is rather self-explanatory.

The Atlantis Explorer

Taken at Red Leaf Beach in Sydney

Taken at Red Leaf Beach in Sydney

I came up with the name Atlantis Explorer months ago when I decided to try my hand at science fiction. Unfortunately, that work has still not come to a solid conclusion. But I am glad that the name I gave to the space ship which carried my hero to an unknown world lives on through the title of this blog. Like the Atlantis Explorer of my unfinished sci-fi, this shall be a vehicle directing me into an unknown (and still not fully constructed) world.

The term ‘Atlantis’ has historic, literary and fantastical overtones that originate centuries back in time. It is a term which conveys the wonder, adventure and thrills of discovery – it speaks of unknown realms and fantasy worlds. Such escapism has always been the refuge of aspiring writers, readers and dreamers. I am hopeful that through this medium I shall hone my skills, rifle more innovatively through my imagination and motivate myself to achieve the goals I set for myself so long ago, when I first cracked open a novel and decided I liked the world I found in the written word.

To any who read my work, I am open to critique, opinions and advice so please feel free to leave comments below.

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