Roadtrip to the Westfjords


Breathtaking scenery by every metre of road (more…)


Field and fence

From the town of Hnífsdalur in the Westfjords of Iceland.

A field of yellow flowers bobbed merrily beneath a light breeze. Mountains encircled us as we headed towards a river with icy cold water. The ground was boggy and our sneakers were soon soaked with cold, muddy water.

It was worth it.


Field and fence


River watching in Hnífsdalur


Hnífsdalur is a town in the Westfjords of Iceland. The experience of exploring this town was made so much richer by the stories and company of its people. In this day long reunion on the 28th of June, I saw more than mountains, rivers and fields. I met the people who live and have lived in this town enjoying its beauty and its fun.

Animals of Iceland

The animals you’ll encounter in Iceland range from the everyday elegant feline to gorgeous, liquid-eyed seals. In this post, I’ll be writing about the animals I saw in Iceland, including native, migratory and introduced species. Nothing excited me like seeing these animals, and so I hope you will enjoy the photos I am about to share. If you wish to see the animals of Iceland, stay sharp and observant and visit in summertime if possible; this is the best time for wildlife watching. Migratory animals like birds often settle in Iceland during this period. Without any further ado, I present animals of Iceland!

1. Seals

Seeing these gorgeous and playful creatures was one of the highlights of my trip. I was fortunate enough to see seals on three occasions in Iceland – once in the Westfjords, twice in Jökulsárlón, the glacial lagoon of southeast Iceland and for an extended period of time in Reykjavik Family Park and Zoo. (more…)

Litlibær farm



Litlibær Farm is a small turf-roofed farmhouse built in 1894 and acquired by the National Museum of Iceland in 1999. When I visited in June, one of the owners of the property was oDSC_0216utside tending to some plants while his dog wandered about the premises. I had just seen harbour seals relaxing on rocks nearby and was looking forward to this last stop before the long 450km drive back to Reykjavik.

You can enter the property and see the old artefacts for free, but I highly recommend stopping for some waffles with coffee, tea or hot chocolate which you can purchase for a modest 1000ISK. The owner was a lovely lady who spoke very little English, but she was still very welcoming and we communicated through the language of smiles. The waffles were hot and tasty and came with two sweet jams – one blueberry and one rhubarb. Rhubarbs, as it turned out, were the plants the man had been tending in the front garden.

Litlibær Farm can be found on Road 61 near Fjord Skotufjordur, by fjord Isafjardardjup in Isafjörður (Town 401). It is definitely worth a visit if you are travelling along this route, though note that you will probably not stop here for an entire day. Litlibær can provide half an hour to an hour’s worth of interest, which is why I would recommend it if you are travelling along this route or planning a day full of various activities.


More pictures of the farm: