Five Places to visit in Marina Bay, Singapore

Before I launch into the following list, I would love to share my immediate impressions of Singapore during my day long stop-over on the 23rd of July. When I initially left Changi Airport, several facts became quickly apparent. Singapore was hot, very hot, and I was not appropriately dressed for the climate. For those of you who intend to explore in Singapore, dress in summer clothes! The second fact that soon became apparent to me upon leaving the airport was that the transport system is highly advanced and blissfully simple to comprehend. I am not exaggerating when I say that I grasped a solid understanding of their ticketing and train system within minutes. After those minutes spent puzzling over the transport system, I set off for the 40 minute train ride which would lead me into Marina Bay. The sites listed below were visited within a relatively short time span (only around seven or so hours) and made for a wonderful day trip.

1. Marina Bay Sands


This impressive hotel was opened midway through 2010 and has become a major attraction in Singapore. Whether you view it from the ground level, stay at the resort or travel to the top of this 55 storey building for an alternate view of the city, you are sure to be dazzled by its sheer size and stature. Continue reading “Five Places to visit in Marina Bay, Singapore”


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