Night photography

Lanterns in Darling Harbour


Night Photography in Guangzhou



Canton Tower Reflections


Getting to know my Chinese aunt was a wonderful experience. She listened to me fumble my way through broken Cantonese, she took me out to eat and knowing that I would relish the experience, she took me to see the Canton Tower, pictured above. That night, the city came alive with colour and I was thrilled.

Vivid 2014 at Darling Harbour

Photos from some time ago; a night of reunions, lights and conversation.

Vivid 2014 – more images!

More images from Vivid 2014!

The Harbour and the Opera House Vivid 2014

Vivid 2014 at the Contemporary Art Museum, Sydney

The first installment of my Vivid 2014 photos, taken at the Contemporary Art Museum of Sydney. Enjoy!